ओ मांझी रे …… 

Hooghly river a distributary of the Ganga River in West Bengal was an important transportation channel in the early history of Bengal. In its upper reaches the river is generally known as the Bhāgirathi, until it reaches Hooghly.The Hooghly river flows more than 15 kilometres along the western edge of Kolkata between Prinsep Ghat and Bagbazar. But it is only for a short 1.5 km stretch between Babu Ghat and Prinsep Ghat( also known as Riverside) that is open and visible. In the remaining section, the river is either made out of bounds by hideous rusting warehouses that are housed on its edge, or inexplicably hidden behind a high wall....RIver Side is one of the most beautiful sights in kolkata where kolkatans Love to spend there evening with kulhad chai , futcka, icecream Pavbhaji,etc  specially on weekends .
Rajeev Singh 

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